With exceptional weather conditions, combined with a great course through Mapleton Park in Moncton, NB.  A motivated group of 34 male and female participants ran two great race competitions on Saturday, October 19 at the ACAA Men’s and Women’s Cross Country Championships, hosted by Crandall University.

With an impressive season, two runners were leading the pack all year, Arielle Fitzgerald (DAL AC) and John Beninger (MTA) were looking to run the table in the ACAA Cross Country Championships.
Seventeen female runners participated in the 5km race and it was Arielle Fitzgerald who finished first with a time of 18:55 minutes. The runner from Dalhousie University, Agricultural Campus (DAL AC) claimed her fourth consecutive win , and was named ACAA All-Conference and ACAA Women's Champion.  Cassidy Langley, Claire Henderson-Hamilton and Haruho Kubota all representing MTA, rounded out the top four positions with times of 19:54, 20:11 and 20:55 minutes respectively being named ACAA All Conference runners. In the women's team competition, it was Mount Allison University accumulating 16 points, finishing five runners in the top eight  to claim consecutive conference banners.  Second place was DAL AC with 28 points, followed by third place tallying 40 points awarded to Université Sainte-Anne.

Seventeen runners participated in the men's 8km race, John Beninger, from Mount Allison University was able to capture his fourth consecutive win with a chrono of 26:51 minutes.  John claimed the ACAA Men's Champion plaque, and was named to the ACAA All-Conference team. Jonathan Craig of MTA finished in second with a time of 27:28, and Logan Grant of DAL AC was able to claim third place finishing in 28:03 minutes.  Mount Allison was able to claim the team conference championship banner as well with four runners finishing in the top five positions, they took first place with an impressive team score of 12 points, followed by DAL AC's 24 points for second, and the Université Sainte-Anne finished in third with 56 points.

With Mount Allison claiming so many top spots, the coach of the year was awarded to the Mounties coach MacGregor Grant.

Thank you for another fantastic season of hard work and dedication, we look forward to next year, with even more ACAA schools participating.


Women’s All-Conference Award Winners:

  1. Arielle Fitzgerald                             DAL AC    (Gold Medalist and Women’s Champion for 2013)
  2. Cassidy Langley                             MTA         (Silver Medalist)
  3. Claire Henderson-Hamilton         MTA          (Bronze Medalist)
  4. Haruho Kubota                               MTA

Men’s All-Conference Award Winners :

  1. John Beninger                 MTA           (Gold Medalist and Men’s Champion for 2013)
  2. Jonathan Craig                MTA           (Silver Medalist)
  3. Logan Grant                    DAL AC     (Bronze Medalist)
  4. Sam Clements                MTA

Coach of the Year:   MacGregor Grant        Mount Allison

Women’s Results

Placing Team
Team (T) or Name Time
Overall Placing School Individ (I)

MTA 1st
1 1 DAL AC T Arielle Fitzgerald 18:55:00 Team Score Placing
2 2 MTA T Cassidy Langley 19:54:00 2,3,4,7,8 16
3 3 MTA T Claire Henderson-Hamilton 20:11:00

4 4 MTA T Haruho Kubota 20:55:00

5 5 USA T Angelina Gorrill 20:58:00

6 6 DAL AC T Lindsay Cameron 21:20:00 DAL AC 2nd
7 7 MTA T Anna Mairs 22:14:00 Team Score Placing
8 8 MTA T Merryl Black 22:19:00 1,6,10,11,13 28
9 9 USA T Tiphaine Magne 22:34:00

10 10 DAL AC T Jen Bent 22:51:00

CU I Mariah Cummings 22:58:00

12 11 DAL AC T Emily Sutherland 23:10:00 USA 3rd
13 12 USA T Kathryn MacEachern 23:14:00 Team Score Placing
14 13 DAL AC T Jessica Compagnon 23:48:00 5,9,12,14,15 40
15 14 USA T Alyssa Comeau 24:03:00

16 15 USA T Samantha Comeau 24:20:00

CU I Brittany Matheson 38:19:00

Men’s Results

Placing Team
Team (T) or Name Time
Overall Placing School Individ (I)

MTA 1st
1 1 MTA T John Beninger 26:51:00 Team Score Placing
2 2 MTA T Jonathan Craig 27:28:00 1,2,4,5,9,10 12
3 3 DAL AC T Logan Grant 28:03:00

4 4 MTA T Samuel Clements 28:38:00

5 5 MTA T Colin Rennie 28:42:00

6 6 DAL AC T Jonathan Crouse 28:57:00 DAL AC 2nd
7 7 DAL AC T John Yool 29:16:00 Team Score Placing
8 8 DAL AC T Oscar Moyles 29:30:00 3,6,7,8,11,14 24
9 9 MTA T Austin Landry 29:39:00

10 10 MTA T Alex Neville 30:43:00

11 11 DAL AC T Riley Giffen 31:47:00

12 12 USA T Paul MacNeil 31:51:00 USA 3rd
MTA I Graham Muise 32:23:00 Team Score Placing
14 13 USA T Isaak Travis 32:56:00

15 14 DAL AC T Nicholas Wentzell 36:41:00 12,13,15,16 56
16 15 USA T Jesse Waterman 37:43:00

17 16 USA T Gaetan Collette 39:37:00