Nov 20, 2013

Kait McGraw & Sarah MacDonald named to the ACAA All-Conference teams

The Atlantic Collegiate Athletics Association held it?s awards banquet on Friday, October 25th in Charlottetown as part of the 2013 ACAA Soccer Championships hosted by Holland College. The banquet includes the men?s and women?s awards and was held at the Holland College Tourism and Culinary Centre.

Crandall Chargers had representatives both on the first team all-conference, as well as the second all-conference team.

Kait McGraw was selected to ACAA 1st team all-conference. Kait had outstanding years representing the Chargers on the soccer field. McGraw was always an offensive threat whey she stepped on the field to play each game.

Sarah MacDonald was named to the 2nd ACAA all-conference team. Sarah was a standout defensively when she put on the Chargers jersey. MacDonald was a leader for her team, and usually was the last line of defense before the goalie.

Congratulations Chargers for representing Crandall as ACAA all-conference players!

See below for a list of both all-conference teams:


1st TEAM 2nd TEAM

Keeper ? Kelly Bartlett UKC Keeper ? Abbey MacLeod STU

UKC - Monique Comeau UKC - Andrea Gillis

UKC - Delaney Hoyle UKC - Allison Avis

UKC - Adele van Wyk UKC - Adrienne Schmalz

MSVU - Danielle MacDonald MSVU - Rebecca Savage

MSVU - Jessica Hill MSVU - Katie Black

STU - Rachel Green STU - Logan Kennedy

STU - Vanessa Pettersson STU - Olivia Jennings

HC - Kristen Hood HC - Megan Spicer

UNBSJ - Carly Baxter UNBSJ - Hannah McLeod

DAL AC - Leah Cook DAL AC - Melissa Bahri

Crandall - Kait McGraw Crandall - Sarah MacDonald