Crandall's Roach to Compete in Olympic Qualifiers

Crandall's Roach to Compete in Olympic Qualifiers

Crandall Chargers Boxer Adrian Roach will be competing in January 2021 at the Caribbean Games as the first step toward qualifying for a spot to compete at the 2021 Olympic Games in Tokyo representing Bermuda.

Roach, a first-year Kinesiology major at Crandall University, is attempting his first qualification as a boxer for the Olympic Games.

"I am excited to be given the opportunity to qualify for the Olympics. Every amateur boxer dreams about opportunities like this. I would consider it a deep honour to represent my country, Bermuda, at the Olympics in Tokyo," said Roach.

Roach's boxing coach at Crandall, Jon Ohlhauser, added, "The boxing program at Crandall University is on a meteoric rise in talent since becoming a varsity sport. Every elite team member has sufficient talent to be legitimately considered as an Olympic hopeful. We knew there was an opportunity to offer these athletes the chance to earn a university degree while continuing with their boxing aspirations. It is so rewarding to see very gifted boxers attracted to this opportunity."

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Jon Ohlhauser, Head Coach
Crandall Chargers Boxing